3 Mar 2011

Oslo - 03.03.2011

The last individual competition here in Oslo and things in ski jumping are rarely what we expect them to be, that is what i love most about this sport. Where Thomas Morgenstern (AUT) seemed to have another victory in the bag, his team mate, Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT), beat him to it. 

The first round treated us with Thomas Morgenstern (AUT) as leader, Anders Jacobsen (NOR) on the second place and Anders Bardal (NOR) on third. There was quite a situation with Tom Hilde, who fell after landing. He managed to jump 133.5 m, good position during the flight, good landing, but lost his balance and fell. He touched the ground when he was passed the point that penalties are applied, however judges Richard Grady (CAN) and Erik Stahlhut (GER) decided to give him just 16.0 and 16.5. The crowd was upset by this, as this cost him about 4 positions. 

The second round was quite different, the fog started to settle back in and the wind was not friendly. Three Norwegians finished in top ten, Tom Hilde (10), Anders Jacobsen (9) and Anders Bardal (7), the crowd was cheering intensely for them, too bad they didn’t manage to get any medals today. 

Andreas Kofler (AUT), although a huge favourite after winning the silver medal on the normal hill, managed to get from the 9th place in the first round, to the 4th in the second, but his efforts did not quite suffice for a medal. Still, he has the hill record here, which remained untouched.

Simon Ammann (SUI) finished the first round on the 9th place and in the second summed up a total of 274.3 points, with 129.5 m and 134.5 m jumps.

Thomas Morgenstern (AUT) was the last to jump and the tension was a killer. With 133.0 m and 131.0 m jumps he seemed to have managed yet another gold medal. He summed up 277.2 points, but there was someone else with 277.5 points.

Gregor Schilerenzauer (AUT) did not have the best season, but slowly he is recovering his old shape. Today he jumped 130.0 m and 134.5 m, with almost the same grace and technique we were used to for the past years, he managed to win the gold medal today in Holmenkollen.

Official results here.

27 Feb 2011

Oslo - 27.02.2011

Today’s team event was with little surprises, but very elegant. The first round went smoothly, the Russian team was well prepared, although they did not qualify for the second round. Switzerland was another team to be left out of the second round in spite of Simon Ammann’s good jump. The other two teams that did not qualify were Italy and Kazahstan.

Finland ranked only 8th today, although Matti Hautamaeki managed a wonderful jump in the second round, of 108 m. 

The Czech Republic ranked 7th, Slovenia 6th and Japan 5th.

Poland was 4th, although they fought well, Germany managed to stay ahead of them. Adam Malysz’s jumps were both spectacular, and Kamil Stoch and Piotr Zyla did not disappoint. 

Germany managed to obtain the bronze medal. After Severin Freund’s last jump, when he fell after landing, it did’t seem quite possible, but the advance they had from the first round saved them. Seven of the team’s eight jumps were over 100 m, so their medal is rightly earned. 

Norway had a good day today and won the silver medal. The Norwegians managed to keep their calm and their spirits and put on a great show for the audience. They had a good time and showed great results. It appears that Bjoern Einar Romoeren was a wise choice for the team, although his latest result weren’t memorable, his performance today was a really good one. Besides the length of the jumps, Anders Jacobsen and Tom Hilde received excellent marks for style. All in all, Norway does make a good adversary for Austria.

Austria was fantastic as always and earned the gold medal. All the jumps were well above average and they made them all with smiles on their faces. The Austrians were having fun on the hill and it paid off. Gregor Schlierenzauer’s skis slipped a bit after his both jumps, but it only cost him few style marks. Thomas Morgenstern’s first jump was long and elegant and during the second one he had to sacrifice style for length, but in the end they had a 25 point advance over Norway.

Official results here. 

27 Feb 2011

Oslo - 26.02.2011

The first competition in Oslo was not as spectacular as we had expected, but then again, the conditions were not the best, with the wind changing direction and all the snow. The first round was kind of mellow, and the jumps were barely over 100 m. The great surprise of the first round was Anssi Koivuranta (FIN) who finished 4th. The second round was not as good for him, but it was nice to see a new face in the top 10. 

The first medal of the World Championships goes to Thomas Morgenstern (AUT). This was a wonderful year for him as he has won the Four Hills Tournament and the World Cup title is already in his hands. Actually, this World Championship medal was the only one missing from his honors list.  

So, Thomas Morgenstern (AUT) on the first place, 269.2 points, 101.5 m and 107.0 m jumps. He was followed by his team mate, Andreas Kofler (AUT) with 260.1 points, 99.5 m and 105.0 m jumps. Adam Malysz (POL) came in third 97.5 m and 102.0 m jumps. 

Official results here